Samstag, 13. August 2011

Music Saves my Soul

Hi there,

I want to join Marcea's Music Saves my Soul as well today with a song I just heard this week for the first time. I was on my drove to work in the early morning, still tired as I hadn't the best sleep that night. Then I heard this song in the radio... and within few seconds I felt so much lively and full of energy... who can resist to move and sing along with this song... Here we go;

And as a special event is going on today in Zurich, Switzerland, I want to share this video with you as well:

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I do.

Hugs, Karina

2 Kommentare:

Marcea hat gesagt…

oh I want to be there - it looks amazing!!!!!!!! Great choice hunny, no wonder it woke you up - I love it. Sounds like something I would dance to at Zumba!! xxxxxxxxx

Cheryl hat gesagt…

I definitely dancing around listening to these songs! Great picks!