Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Pocket Letter for Noor! Design

Hello and good morning dear Noor! Design Fans,
today I want to introduce you to my newest passion... Pocket Letters. This idea is very new and trendy. It comes from Janette Lane from the USA. You have to take a 9 Pocket Sleeve, create and decorate 9 inlays. Then you have to fill the pockets with a letter, that's the only requirement. It's voluntary to fill the other pockets with little goodies. The most do so. You can add stickers, washi tape, tea, paper flowers, sticky notes and much more... your fantasy have no end. Then you can fold the sleeve into three parts so that it fit into an C5/C6 DL envelope (114 x 229 cm). This way you can send to the receiver without paying a lot for the postage. 
Do you also love this idea so much as I do? It's so great to combine creativitiy with penpalling. It's fun to make them, and also fun to receive them. You can keep all your letters in a binder. 
Below you can see my newest Pocket Letter in a Sealife Theme. I used several of the fabulous Noor! Design products:

And below some close ups...

And that's how my letter looks like from the backside. In the middle pocket is my letter.

Did I made you curious? In the Noor! Design Deutschland webshop you can find many products that are perfect for creating Pocket Letters. You really have to give it a try. It's so much fun. But be aware, it can be your new addiction. Don't say I haven't warn you :-).  

 For my Pocket Letter you see here I used following products from the Noor! Design Deutschland webshop: 

If you want to know more about Pocket Letters visit Janette Lane's blog. Or you can find Pocket Letter Pals in the Facebook Group or in the Pocket Letters Community.

Feel free to ask me if you have questions about it or want to swap with me. Some are doing one time swaps, and some do ongoing swaps.

Have a happy day!

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