Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

Pretty Woman for Cards und More

Hello everyone,

I hope you survived the big heat we had the last two weeks. I am really happy it cooled down again. With 37 degrees it was even too hot for me to craft. And this means something... 

I created this card before the big heat. I tried to make another Mixed Media Project. I wanted to make some own postcards for a project. And below you can see how it turned out... it's one kind of the cards I made...

The background is created with different colors and mediums. I sprayed them onto a plastic bag and then pressed a sheet of aquarellic paper onto it. It was great how each sheet looked so different and how they turned out.

On the photo below you can see the pearescent color shimmering. It's better to see on the original. After making the background I stamped the image onto it, cut it in the size I wanted it, doodled around the edges and that is...

This stamp is available in the Cards und More Sho:  

Thank you ver ymuch for your visit here. Have a happy day!
Hugs, Karina

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