Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

I'm away for vacation

Hello dear friends, just wanted to let you know that I will be away for vacation the next week. 

Just take a look at my pictures and you can perhaps recognize where I am going... right, to the Northern Sea in Germany. I love this place so very much, whith its rough climate, the see, the wind, the windmills, the flat landscape, and as you can see on my pics... I love sheeps :o)

Those pics I made in April last year when we already travelled there. We wanted to go again in August, but because of health issues we had to cancel that jouney. But now we can catch up with it. 

I will be back on 22nd May. Don't worry, I have sheduled several entries so you will get something to see here nevertheless. Have a wonderful week and see you soon.

Hugs, Karina


Dora hat gesagt…

waaa hooo that place looks fabulous, so peaceful and relaxing. Enjoy it :) xxx

Shazza hat gesagt…

oooh enjoy your break. Your blog is viewing very strangely, all the text is off to one side. Wonder is it's just me??

sallysbitz hat gesagt…

Have a great break x

These pics do look lovely x

hugs sally x

Donna Mosley hat gesagt…

Hope you have a lovely holiday Karina. It's looks so nice there.

Donna x

BlackBird hat gesagt…

Have a nice time.

Nina hat gesagt…

Liebi Karina, i wönsch der wunderschöni Ferie. Gnüss es!!!!
Machs guet
Liebs Grüessli
ps. Din Blog chomt so komisch vo rechts nach links...isch das nüme be mer??

Marisa hat gesagt…

Liebi Karina
Au ich wünsch Dir ganz schöni Ferie. Lass Dich e chli verwöne.
Liebi Grüess und bis gli

Tracey Brossart hat gesagt…

Wow amazing pics! Looks like you'll be having a wonderful trip!! :D

xx Tracey xx

Alessandra hat gesagt…

Liebi Karina
Hope u have wonderful hols in Germany! Dini Bilder sind eifacht en Traum!
Gnüss es und ich freu mich, wenn wieder da bisch und mir wiiteri schöni Sache chönd bewundere bi dir ufem Blog!
Liebs Grüessli

coops hat gesagt…

have a fabulous holiday karina :D

xx coops xx

Wuzimädi hat gesagt…

Wünsch dir auch schöne Ferien! Deine Fotos sind traumhaft, tolle Szenen hast du eingefangen!
Lg Michi

Mervi hat gesagt…

Happy holiday!
Thanks; I received the stamp,
sweet greetings;-))m