Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

Deep Ocean Challenge - the last one for 2013

Hello again... still one post for 2013... as we have one challenge left at Deep Ocean Challenges... the last one for this year. As it is a special day today we also have something special for you:


Here we go with mine... wish it would be so cleaned up right now as it looks on my photos... :-). Made them some weeks ago, but short time after the chaos broke out again. And with a mess I am going into the new year... shame on me. But otherwise I wouldn't have an intention to make. Mine is to keep more order on my crafts space and being more organised. We'll see... as if this would be the only intention... Have you some too? Would love to know what are yours. So tell me if you like.

So... now we look forward to see your crafts space and hope you will join us. It will be so much fun to see where you all are crafting.

Big hugs and Happy New Year once again!

3 Kommentare:

Kirsty hat gesagt…

Hi Karina wow that looks a wonderful place to craft !! I so love your zebra chair too ..I am messy whilw crafting lol but do tidy up eventually lol ...wishing you a wonderful New Year and looking forward to seeing your creations :)

Cordine hat gesagt…

Love your craft room! I think we are all messy crafters lol.
have a wonderfull new year!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Wow, Karina... what a great craft room you have! And so organized. Love it! Gives me a good thinking on how I should arrange my craftarea! Big hugs, Sylvia