Corner Bookmark

Hi everyone, I love making bookmarks, and I think they are a perfect little gift for someone loves to read books. Here I want to show you how to make them.

You need not much for making them:
  • Cardstock
  • Patterned Papers
  • Stamp
  • Inkpad
  • Colouring Medium
  • some stuff for decorating
So here we go... first cut a piece of cardstock meisured 10 x 10 cm (or 4 x 4 Inches). Fold two corners in the middle so that you get the result like you can see on following pic.

Then cut some different papers that they fit to cover the cardstock you just prepared. Those bookmarks are great to use some of your left over papers from bigger projects.

If you like you can distress those papers. Here I did it on the edges. It also looks great when you add some white or coloured crackle paint or acrylic paint to the edges to give it a more vintage look.

Then glue your paper parts to the cardstock piece like shown below. Here the backside...

And the frontside... of course you also can make it in one piece... here I made two pieces with two different papers...

Now chose an image you like to add to your bookmark. Colour it the way you like and cut it out. You can also cut the image with a framed die cut... just like you want it...

Now you can decorate your bookmark like you want with different embellishments... just be careful that it doesn't get too thick, as it will be placed in a closed book when in use.

Just you can see here...

Well, that's it... really easy. Have fun making them, just like I have! Hope you like my tutorial. When you have any questions just ask!