Stamping on Candles

Hi everyone, as I love to add stamped images on candles I want to show you how to do and made this tutorial for you.

Here you can see what you need for making a candle:
  • a stamp
  • inkpad
  • a white or beige candle
  • accessoires for colouring
  • scissor
  • baking paper
  • thin white paper bag or silk paper
  • embossing heat tool (not shown here)

For colouring the images I use on the candles I take my Derwent pencils. As the paper is quite thin you cannot work with too much water. I think Copics would be fine too. Have to give it a try.

Stamp the image on a piece of the thin paper of the paper bag or silk paper.

Start colouring your image in the colours you like.

I use to add some shading around the image as I think this gives a nice effect to it.

Cut out the image.

Cut out a piece of baking paper in the lenght of the candle. Then put the image you just cut out to the part of the candle where you want to have it. Then wrap the baking paper around it that it is quite tight, hold it together on the back of the candle. But be careful that the baking paper is too much rumpled. As then it gives some dents which you will see on the candle then.

Now take your heat tool and start heating over the image. Always be in rotary moves. The wax would melt too fast when you keep on heating on the same place. Look that you are heating each part of the image you want to apply to the candle. When you see that the image get more intense colour it is fine and the image is fixed on the candle. When you see that the whole image is applied you can remove the baking paper. It can happen that some wax melted away which you can take away now with the fingers or a cutting knife.

So here we go... your candle is ready!!

Isn't it looking so lovely? Have fun creating them. It is really easy to make. Just give it a try.