Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Oldies But Goldies

Hello everyone... 7 am this morning, driving in my car on the road, it was snowing and it was dark, and an idea came into my mind...

Well... I was listening radio, and heard this song... a good old oldie, a golden oldie, long time no hear, but loved this song, and still love it... it is from the Hooters - Johnny B.

Then I had an idea...a while there was 'Music saved my Soul'... some of you may remember. I loved to show a favourite song and linked it up there now and then. And I thought, why not starting to share our favourite songs from years ago, songs you loved and still do, songs you have emotions when you hear them, songs you have memories with them, songs that are a part of your life, and always will be.

I would love to see and hear what golden oldies you love. If you like to share with me just post them on your blog with the badge above and link them up below... I look very much forward to hear YOUR song! From now on I will share my golden oldie each Saturday. So come back then to hear and share.

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