Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

My favourites in 2011

Hi my dear friends and fellow crafters. Welcome in the 2012... hope you all had a good change of the years. As for me... we had some guests for dinner last night, played some games and laughed a lot. It got late... uhhmm... I mean early... teehee... so still a bit tired now.

I found it a wonderful idea what I saw on some blogs, a review of the 2011's creations. So I chose my favourites of a month as well... not that easy though... but here they are... have fun looking...













Well, on some cards I had the feelings I just made them few weeks ago... but I don't mean the December ones... really incredible how fast the old year went through.

Have a wonderful rest of the first day of the New Year!!
Big hugs, Karina

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Nina hat gesagt…

Hallo liebi Karina
Wunderschöni Chärtli hasch usgsuecht för din Rücklblick 2011
I wönsch der alles Gueti ond Liebi förs Johr 2012
Liebs Grüessli

angelwhispers hat gesagt…

Hi Karina Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2012!! Fabulous choice of card just so beautiful cant wait to see your creations for this year. Love Chanelle xxx

Christina C. hat gesagt…

These fabulous cards are all works of art! Love your much inspiration to be found on your amazing blog. Looking forward to all your upcoming creations for 2012!

Ink Art Designs hat gesagt…

Hi Karina, It is so easy to forget what we have done over 12 months as we tend to keep moving on...but isn't it fun to look back, take a depth breath and just enjoy what we have created! Your unique style has been a great inspiration for me.
Happy New Year
Dot x

Anonym hat gesagt…

All so fantastic and uniqe cards, gorgeous to see 10 stunning cards lined up like this, I love them all :)
Happy new year to you :)
Hugs Lilli

Andrea hat gesagt…

Such a beautiful collection of cards - wow!
Best wishes to you for 2012.
Love, Andrea xx

coops hat gesagt…

wow these are all fantastic karina.a stunning showcase of your talent ;D
happy new year.

xx coops xx

Andrea hat gesagt…

da fällt einem die Entscheidung wirklich schwer ...
ich glaub es ist der Oktober, aber sie sind alle schön


Marie-Louise hat gesagt…

Each of these cards are marvellous. Really lovely.

Nikbee hat gesagt…

Wow, what absolutely gorgeous cards, Karina. I love them all.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
Nikki x

Elise hat gesagt…

OH MY GOSSSSH! Your work is AMAAAA-ZING! Wow! ALL of your cards are BRILLIANT! I love your colouring .. so full of details and life, and your layouts are all so STUNNING! Whewwweee! Totally blown away!


Birgit hat gesagt…

Liebe Karina,
vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar auf meinem Blog - und ja, danke auch für deine wunderhübsche Weihnachtskarte, über die ich mich riesig gefreut habe! Ich komme erst jetzt langsam dazu, mich für all die schöne Weihnachtspost zu bedanken. Fein, dass auch meine Karte incl.kleinem Schenkli gut angekommen ist. Ich wünsche dir ein tolles, gesundes, kreatives neues Jahr!
Knuddel, Birgit

Kelly hat gesagt…

Beautiful creations!
Hugs to you, Kelly